Kumeu Community Action posted about the possible delaying of Stage 2 – SH16’s safety upgrades. If you are writing to NZTA to express your concern, frustration, disbelief… , please consider the following things. 1. Be polite- rude, insulting emails work against our community and decrease the chance of healthy, open communication.2. Be direct in your comments and keep political bias out of it.3. The emails are best to be about the need for safety on SH16 as the funding is predicated on the absence of it.4. Write your email in the next week if possible. Send to both emails.Examples of the types of comments that could be made:Nothing has been started, there are still accidents, people are still getting seriously injured and Waka Kotahi are moving at a very slow pace to correct this.More funds need to be approved urgently.The whole project needs to be fast-tracked before there are anymore deaths.If this project is delayed until 2025-2027, the costs will rise again, leading to a repeat of what is happening now.There seems to be no sense of urgency in delivering this project and that is one of the causes for the budget blowout as prices for the work increase. Possible people to contact are: CEO Nicole Rosie, Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency Chief Executive and Steve Mutton NZTA Director Regional Relationships – Upper North Island


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